Oven Cleaning Company in Brighton & Hove

Tip Top Cleaning are a Professional Oven Cleaning Company based in Brighton & Hove. Oven Cleaning Prices from £40

Oven Cleaning Company in Brighton & Hove

Most of us use our ovens on a daily basis to cook and this inevitably is going to cause the oven to get dirty and create burnt on carbon and grease. This can cause your energy bills to increase due to the oven taken longer to heater through the dirty. Furthermore, you can also experience the burning cloud of smoke when you open the oven door whilst cooking your meal. This would be the time that you need to get your oven cleaned.

Our Oven Cleaning Service

Tip Top Cleaning’s Oven Cleaning Service involves removing all of the racks, shelves and oven trays from the oven/cooker and dip them into a solution in order to lift all the burnt on carbon and grease off. 

We will also remove the glass panel/s and door. This is so that we are able to clean these thoroughly and remove any food particulars that may have dropped in the gap between the door and oven. 

The oven itself will then be cleaned and we will make this look as good as new – please allow for general wear ‘n’ tear which is out of our control.

What Do You Get From This Oven Cleaning Company

  1. A professional service
  2. We will make your oven look like the day your brought it
  3. The cleaning products we use are non harmful and you will able to use your oven or cooker straightaway 
  4. Very competitive prices

Oven Cleaning Prices

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